Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Your Leaders: Sheri

Your Leaders.


You see her pretty much every week, but how much do you really know about her? We made her slow down for a few minutes and answer some questions for us. Here is the low-down.
  • Three things you have done as a member of Girl Guides: Gone camping, traveled to 3 other countries, earned a Girl Guides of Canada scholarship
  • Three foods you tried because of Girl Guides: Tin Foil Dinners, Banana Boats and Hot dogs in a milk carton
  • Three places you've been, yes, with Girl Guides: Bolar mountain for either skiing or tubing, Fire station and Pax Lodge in London, England
  • Three things about Girl Guide camp: 1 you love - campfires, 1 you hate - when the girls get grumpy, 1 you dream of - never forgetting to bring something to camp
  • Three friends you've made through Girl Guides: Amanda, Breanne and Kabrena!
  • Three things you own "just for Girl Guides": My uniform, camp blanket and craft/meeting supplies
  • Three things you'd tell someone if they thought they might want to join Girl Guides: It's a great organization, if you give a little, you will gain a lot, and there is a lot of opportunity available for any age level.
Thanks Sheri!
We'll have to see about putting your camp blanket on the blog! Maybe you can remember where some of those crests came from?

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