Friday, March 23, 2012

Girl Guide Summer Camps

Girl Guide Summer Camps

Girl Guide summer camps

provide a great opportunity to keep the Guiding spirit going when Unit meetings finish!  We encourage Members and non-Members to register to join us at one or more of our ten camps for fun-filled programming operating under the safe supervision of our talented volunteers and employees!  Financial assistance is available for current GGC Members.

Just south of London is Camp Orenda where we offer affordable summer camping programs for girls for a few weeks during the summer as well.  These camps are planned and implemented by wonderful GGC volunteers who ensure that everything is safe yet really fun! 

If you'd like to travel to other parts of Ontario, there are many more camps to choose from!  Just visit our Event Listing and Registration page for more information on the summer day camps and overnight camping events.

For Camps Orenda (London), or Bonita Glen (Orillia), Bryerswood (Windsor), Carruthers (Kingston), Conestogo (Listowel) and THRAC (Midhurst), be sure to select the "Local Specialty and Summer Camps" button on the event listing.

Camps Adelaide (Haliburton), Doe Lake (Huntsville), Woolsey (Ottawa) and Wyoka (Hanover) run programs throughout the summer. There are fun-filled, affordable traditional camp programs for girls only.  These camps also host the very popular weekend and mid-week intergenerational programs for families (e.g. Mom & Me and Dad & Me) where the adult and child are both participants.  If you are unable to drive to and from camp there are transportation options available. You can learn more about these Summer Camp programs by clicking here.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Your Leaders: Jasmine

Your Leaders.


A new face this year! 

We love having Jasmine in our unit this year and we asked her the same questions that we've asked the other leaders and we love her answers!  Thanks for joining the 64th Guides this year!
  • Three things you have done as a member of Girl Guides: winter camping in tents; world centre district camp; carnival district camp
  • Three foods you tried because of Girl Guides: banana boats; guacamole; grilled cheese made over a tin can
  • Three places you've been, yes, with Girl Guides: Ontario Place; Disney on Ice (^.^); Camp Woolsey
  • Three memories you treasure (Girl Guides!): creating a massive (t-shirt) rainbow with all of the different levels of Guiding in a football field; cookie selling and learning money and manners as a girl; creating so many hat crafts I needed a second hat
  • Three Girl Guide crests/badges you own: Canada Cord; canoe certification; Osteoporosis Bone Challenge
  • Three things about Girl Guide camp: 1 you love, 1 you hate, 1 you dream of!: campfire; difficulty staying clean; camping in another country
  • Three friends you've made through Girl Guides: too many good friends to name! both as a girl and a Guider
  • Three ways Girl Guides has helped you: making friends (hard for me); outdoor skills; volunteer opportunities
  • Three crafts that you'll never do again: "scent rocks" (NEVER dry); bead crafts with Sparks; hat crafts that involve leaders making them and girls pinning them on their hats
  • Three activities that were amazing: rock-climbing; canoe camp; sleeping out under the stars
  • Three things you own "just for Girl Guides": sit-upon; camp hat; resource file of crafts and songbooks
  • Three Girl Guide things you say/do that no one else will understand: three finger salute; Happy Thinking Day!; 3 basin dishwashing method while camping out of Girl Guides
  • Three things you'd tell someone if they thought they might want to join Girl Guides: the program work will always apply to school and life; you will never forget the great people you meet; this is a global and century-long tradition you can be proud to be a part of; I know I am!

Thanks so much Jasmine! We love having you as a member of the leadership team!

To read the other "Your Leaders" posts, visit our "About Us" page!

It's SPRING!!!!!

No more coats.
No more hats.
No more mittens.
No more scarves.


Oh, I'm sure there will be one more snowstorm, but just for today, we enjoyed the sunshine!!

...not quite all the girls were present, a few missing, so we're hoping to take a Unit Photo before the end of the Guiding year!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Our Friendship Bracelets for Sangam

Today I packaged up our bracelets for the Sangam Friendship Bracelet Project.

They look great!!

Remember, this project is going on ALL YEAR long! 

So when you make more bracelets, just give them to Anne to be mailed.