Saturday, November 29, 2008

Our Christmas Gift to you! Free Instructions for a Paper Ornament

Our Christmas Gift to you!

Free Instructions for a Paper Ornament...

We used to make these every year when I was young, and yes, that was many many years ago!

What you'll need:
- Paper - card stock - old Christmas cards (or I noticed today that my Diet Coke box has snowy decorations with polar bears, so even that would work!)
- something round - about 3 inches (7.5cm) across
- pencil
- scissors
- glue
- ribbon or yarn or string to hang
- (optional) hole punch to add ribbon

You will need 8 circles for each ornament.

1. Using your round object, draw circles on your cards and then cut them out.

2. On the back, you'll need to divide the circle so that there is a triangle remaining in the centre, and 3 "flaps" that will be folded and glued. It is really hard to describe, so please take a look at the pictures for an example.

3. Fold the flaps forward on each circle.

4. Glue a flap from 2 circles together.

5. Repeat step 4 to create a ball as in the pictures. (again, this is hard to describe, so I hope the pictures help to show you what you need to do)

6. As you are gluing, you can insert a ribbon (or yarn or string) between several circles at one point. Or, when the ball is completed you can use a hole punch to punch a hole for your ribbon.

7. Done!

Now you have a great use for those Christmas cards you've been saving all these years! and it doesn't matter if there is writing on the inside, because that is hidden inside the ornament!

For MORE patterns, recipes, holiday decoration ideas and handmade items, visit the EtsyKnitters blog and their Holiday Calendar - 25 days of fun in December!

AND...SPECIAL NOTE to the girls of the 64th Guides:
Do you have a family tradition? a craft? a recipe? a story? for any season! for any time of year! that you would like to share on this blog? If so, please send an email to the 64th Guides email address and your tradition will be showcased on the blog! If you don't know the 64th Guides email address, ask one of your leaders at the next meeting!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


We did it! We sold ALL the cookies! Way to go!

Tuesday evening was very successful and all the cookies are now sold. Thanks to everyone for coming out for our neighbourhood sales. You all did a great job and represented Guiding perfectly.

Remember, our next meeting is with the Brownies - at their meeting place!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Door to Door Cookie Sales on Nov.18th

Be sure to dress warm! Wear mittens for sure, and a nice warm coat and hat.

You'll be outside and even if you don't think you'll be cold, do us a favour and humour us! Wear warm toastie things!

And remember we're meeting at the school.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Lipizzaner Stallions Sleepover - a success!

How else to describe the sleepover but a success!! Each of the girls actually got some sleep, too.

A quick review of the night: we arrived at Gate 1 and once everyone arrived, we made our way to our assigned sleeping area. We dropped off our gear and were then taken down to the seating area of the arena to see the Tack and groom clinic. One of the Lipizzaner stallions was brought out with two female riders and the announcer. They gave an excellent clinic.

Next, we made our way to the seats we were assigned for the World Famous Lipizzaner Stallions show - we had the front two rows in section 111! We had dinner while the audience began filling their seats. Soon there were over 600 Girl Guides, Brownies, Pathfinders, Rangers and Guide leaders in the stands at our end of the arena.

The show was started with Oh Canada - just the music. Soon, the voices of the Guides filled the arena - it was like an all-female choir was in the end bowl singing Oh Canada for all of those in attendance. It was a goosebumps experience.

And the show! It was great! The steps that the horses can do look so difficult, and the horses look so beautiful as they perform. It was truly like watching the horses perform a ballet.

After the show we saw the signs light up at either end of the arena "Girl Guides stay in your seats". So we did. Once the arena emptied, we were split into two groups. Our group went to the restaurant to complete a hemp friendship bracelet - the hemp was a bit short, so most decided they would be great keychains or backpack tags. We then moved into seats again to watch the movie Black Beauty and have some popcorn and a drink.

Our sleeping area was near Sections 312-313. We did sleep. Some more than others.

Once we were all packed up in the morning, we went back to the restaurant for breakfast. We were still pretty sleepy. We even had an extra hour to sleep because of the time change but it didn't help. Finally we gathered all our gear and carried it outside to meet our parents for pick up. Hm, how many went home to have a nap?

We will definitely do this again if we get the chance!