Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Girl Guide Cookies are here!

Yes the cookies are here!

Tuesday March 24th we'll be meeting at the school and selling door-to-door in the neighbourhood.

Do you know how Canadian Girl Guide cookies started? In 1927, a Girl Guide leader in Regina baked and boxed up cookies for her girls as a simple way to raise money for uniforms and camping equipment. We're still going strong!

Click here for some great cookie recipes!

Did you know? GGC is proud to introduce a new reduced trans-fat classic cookie for the launch of the 2009 classic campaign. We have worked closely with our baker to reduce the trans-fat content of our classic chocolate and vanilla cookies by 90 per cent while maintaining the same great taste that Canadians love. As always, it is important to remember that cookies are a treat.

Mmmm - sounds great!

There will be surveys posted by GGC soon - we'll let you know the link once they're available!

Friday, March 20, 2009

GSUSA cookies

GSUSA (Girl Scouts USA) have more varieties of cookies than Canadian Girl Guides. We took the quiz to see what kind of Girl Scout cookie we are! Here is the results:
I am Caramel deLites / Samosas
You are blessed with a brilliant, dynamic mind.
It's sometimes hard to figure out what your focus should be.
You're the type of person who does almost everything well.
You are very competent but also unfocused.
You're not an easy person to pin down. You are vibrantly complex.
You have many facets to your personality, and they're often in competition with one another.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

100 years of Canadian Guiding

In 2010, Girl Guides of Canada (GGC) will be celebrating its 100th anniversary.
“Girl greatness starts here” is the theme for the centennial, showcasing GGC as the orginal girl driven organization. Plans are well underway for celebration activities throughout the year on a national, provinical and local level. Highlights include a national launch party, a national Rally Day, a national service project and our Guiding Mosaic 2010 camp.

There will be a special 2010 Celebrations section on http://www.girlguides.ca/ which will include a calendar of events, event descriptions and registration, Challenge descriptions and other 2010 news. Registration for our January 2010 launch party opens online in September. All provinces will also be holding their own launch events.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

No Meeting on March Break

Hi Everyone!

Just wanted to remind you that there is an error on the latest newsletter.

We will be having no meeting on Tuesday March 17th, 2009.

Please remember that on Tuesday March 24th we will be selling cookies in the neighbourhood.

Please meet at the school parking lot at 6:45 sharp! Pick up is at 8:15.

If you have not handed in a permission slip yet, check your email! We emailed out a copy.

Have a great March Break!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Your Leaders: Anne

Your Leaders.


Your Unit Treasurer.

You don't see much of her, but behind the scenes, she's balancing the books and taking care of the finances for the Unit.

Here she answers some questions:

  • Three things you have done as a member of Girl Guides: taught Pathfinders to knit, packaged up craft kits to be sent to Guides and Brownies in Dominica, and climbed The Moon pyramid in Mexico
  • Three foods you tried because of Girl Guides: Mars bar salad, hot dog cooked in a milk carton, fresh baked bread from a dutch oven in the fire pit
  • Three places you've been, yes, with Girl Guides: Ottawa with Pathfinders, Wolfville Nova Scotia for the WAGGGS World Conference, Our CabaƱa in Mexico with Cadets
  • Three Girl Guide crests/badges you own: World Famous Lipizzaner Stallions (fun night!), 29th World Conference, Guiding...One Hour A Week...!?
  • Three things about Girl Guide camp: 1 you love - sunny Sundays, 1 you hate - rainy Sundays, 1 you dream of - always being able to put away dry tents
  • Three things you'd tell someone if they thought they might want to join Girl Guides: Guiding is THE place for today's girls. As an adult, Guiding provides opportunities and training. We have fun, make new friends and grow through a wide variety of experiences.

On the topic of Treasurer and Unit funds ... did you know that accounting records must be kept up-to-date so that a report of the financial situation of the group is available at any time. Funds collected by units ... are funds subject to public scrutiny?

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Your Leaders: Amanda

Your Leaders.


Every weekly meeting, she is there working with the girls. This week, we learn a wee bit more about this leader with the 64th Guides.
  • Three things about Girl Guide camp: 1 you love, 1 you hate, 1 you dream of! I love- Camping; I hate-waking up early; I dream of-banana boats
  • Three places you've been, yes, with Girl Guides: Ottawa, Firestation, Camp
  • Three friends you've made through Girl Guides:Sheri, Breanne, Kabrena
  • Three things you own "just for Girl Guides": Uniform, Program Book, My Camp Backpack
  • Three crafts that you'll never do again: Tye Dying, anything that involves painting
  • Three memories you treasure (Girl Guides!): My gold camp, Ottawa, Camping with the guides when I was in Pathfinders
  • Three things you have done as a member of Girl Guides: Skiing, Tubing, Camping
  • Three foods you tried because of Girl Guides: Banana Boats, Tin Foil Dinners, Anything from the gross food challenge at Survivor Camp
  • Three Girl Guide crests/badges you own: Tubing/Skiing, I Love Being a Junior Leader!, Lippizaner

Thanks Amanda! We have one more leader to profile and that would be our Treasurer so check back again next week. In the meantime, enjoy all the upcoming activities with the Unit, and watch this blog for any notices or announcements.