Friday, January 22, 2010

Casa Loma Craft - GGC Key Chain

Casa Loma Craft - GGC Key Chain

Everyone received this craft but not everyone had time to put it together.
Here are photos of what your key chain should look like when it is completed.

Start by folding the yarn in half.
Loop it through the key ring.
Add your colour beads and lettered beads.
We put the letters in the order GGC for Girl Guides of Canada.
If you'd like to be a bit "retro", you could put them as CGG which is what was used 50 years ago in 1960 for Canadian Girl Guides.

I love the 100th Anniversary bead!

When you've added all your beads, make a knot so the beads don't fall off.

And you're done!

Hang it from your back pack, add to your camp hat, or pin onto your badge scarf - whatever you choose!

Another memory of our trip to Casa Loma to take part in the Launch of the 100th Anniversary of Girl Guides of Canada in 2010!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Casa Loma Craft - Guiding Sisters Pin

Casa Loma Craft - Guiding Sisters Pin

Everyone received this craft but not everyone had time to put it together.

When we picked up the craft, we were told that the instructions were backwards.

So here is a tutorial to make the Guiding Sisters pin!

First, put a clear crystal spacer bead onto the large safety pin.

Then add a smaller safety pin - see how the bigger safety pin goes through the little hole of the smaller safety pin?

Now repeat this until all the crystal spacer beads and smaller pins are on the larger pin.

Next, lay out all your beads so that the colours are together.

See the photo for help.

Start with the pink (Sparks) and put them onto the first small safety pin.

First put the pink sequin, then the wooden head bead, then the pink crystal beads.

Close the pin.

Repeat this with the orange/gold (Brownies).

Then the blue (Guides).

Then the green (Pathfinders) - wasn't it neat that we had Pathfinders on the bus with us! Here is a shout out to the 27th Pathfinders!

Finally do the red (Rangers/Junior Leaders). And yes, we had Rangers on our bus, too! Here is a shout out to the Ebramoll Rangers!

We hope everyone enjoyed the trip to Casa Loma!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Canadian Guiding

This week we worked on our Canadian Guiding badge. We looked through the Canadian Guider magazine to find out what other units are doing across Canada. Some talked about camping and selling cookies, but one went dog sledding! We are attending the 100th Anniversary Kickoff Party at Casa Loma this weekend! It's going to be great meeting Guides from all over Ontario.

We are all proud to be members of Girl Guides of Canada. Here are some reasons why we register every year! Post your reason why you're a member in our comments section!

I like Guides because it lets me do things thatI like and I feel proud when I earn a badge - Sofia

I like Guiding because we have awesome leaders - Brooklynn

I like Guiding because you will always meet new friends - Rachel

I like Guiding because it's only for girls - Meghan

I like Guiding because it's boys-free - Jacqueline

I like doing different activities - Julia

I like Guiding because you have somewhere to feel special - Melissa

I like it because it's fun - Imaan

I like Guiding because you get to meet lots of different people - Lee

I like Guiding because I like being with my best friend Menley - Cassie

I like Guides because I can meet new people and play with them - Sydney

I like Guiding because there are no boys and I can be myself and learn new things - Kenzie

I like being at Guides because you get to meet new people and have lots of fun - Megan

I like Guides because you get to go camping - Chelsea

I like being at Guides because you can be who you actually want to be - Mackenzie

I like Guides because I can be around my best friends and I can be around people that don't treat me badly - Kelsey

I get to play games - Kennedy

I like Guiding because you can meet new people - Aqsa

I like Guiding because you get to explore things and learn things and make new friends - Patti

I like Guiding because you get to learn a lot of new abilities, skills and have adventures - Menley

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Casa Loma - SWAPS

What are SWAPs?

The "SWAP" was introduced into Boy/Girl Scouting/Guiding as a way to introduce one Scout to another. The swaps were traded and a conversation would result from explaining the swap. Many of these "SWAPS" started long friendships that lasted although the two swappers may have lived in different countries. A SWAP is usually, but not always,a small homemade item that represents the person, their community, or their background.

Visit for more information.

Would you like to make SWAPS for Casa Loma?

Here is a website with lots of great ideas: but keep in mind this is the Girl Scouts of the USA so their trefoil and logos will be different than Girl Guides of Canada.

SWAPS can be as simple as a penny glued to a piece of red fun foam cut into the shape of a maple leaf.

Or they can be much more complicated and time-consuming. The only real "rule" is that they be small enough to pin onto a camp hat, or keep in a ziplock bag, or pin to your backpack.

You can identify yourself by your first name, hometown, and Girl Guide unit. Adding the event is helpful to remember why you made this particular SWAP.

When we visit Casa Loma there will be Girl Guide members from all over Ontario. If you'd like to bring SWAPS please do.