Monday, January 18, 2010

Casa Loma Craft - Guiding Sisters Pin

Casa Loma Craft - Guiding Sisters Pin

Everyone received this craft but not everyone had time to put it together.

When we picked up the craft, we were told that the instructions were backwards.

So here is a tutorial to make the Guiding Sisters pin!

First, put a clear crystal spacer bead onto the large safety pin.

Then add a smaller safety pin - see how the bigger safety pin goes through the little hole of the smaller safety pin?

Now repeat this until all the crystal spacer beads and smaller pins are on the larger pin.

Next, lay out all your beads so that the colours are together.

See the photo for help.

Start with the pink (Sparks) and put them onto the first small safety pin.

First put the pink sequin, then the wooden head bead, then the pink crystal beads.

Close the pin.

Repeat this with the orange/gold (Brownies).

Then the blue (Guides).

Then the green (Pathfinders) - wasn't it neat that we had Pathfinders on the bus with us! Here is a shout out to the 27th Pathfinders!

Finally do the red (Rangers/Junior Leaders). And yes, we had Rangers on our bus, too! Here is a shout out to the Ebramoll Rangers!

We hope everyone enjoyed the trip to Casa Loma!

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