Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Your Leaders: Breanne

Your Leaders.


What do you know about Breanne? We interviewed her and here is a little bit of information to help you to get to know her!

  • Three foods you tried because of Girl Guides: baby food, banana boats, tacos in a bag
  • Three places you've been, yes, with Girl Guides: Ottawa, Food Bank, Fire Station
  • Three memories you treasure (Girl Guides!): Campfires, Gold Camp, All nighter with Pathfinders
  • Three Girl Guide crests/badges you own: Tubing, Lipizzaner Stallions, Cookie Selling
  • Three things about Girl Guide camp: 1 you love, 1 you hate, 1 you dream of!: I love the food, I hate having to go home, I dream of being able to be at camp all the time
  • Three friends you've made through Girl Guides: Amanda N., Sheri F., Anne F.
  • Two crafts that you'll never do again: knit a dishcloth, anything to do with knots
  • An activity that was amazing: Compass, Shelter, Fire Building Challenge
  • Three things you own "just for Girl Guides": used to have very uncomfortable navy pants, dress shirt with shoulder pads, rainsuit

Thanks Breanne, for responding to our questions! We'll profile another Guider in the coming weeks. In the meantime, have a great camp this weekend.

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