Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Girl Guides in Haiti

This year at our Thinking Day meeting we learned about Girl Guides in Haiti - the Association Nationale des Guides d'Haïti - how they are similar to our unit, and how they differ.

The Association Nationale des Guides d'Haïti was established in 1942 and they are part of the Western Hemisphere Region. The association is divided in four sections according to age:
Jeanette - ages 7 to 12
Guide - ages 12 to 15
Guide relais - ages 15 to 18
Guide aînée - ages 18 to 25

Would you like to donate to help Girl Guides in Haiti?

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This will take you to the donations page for the 64th London Guides where you can make a donation! and learn more about Girl Guides in Haiti.

Click Here for more information about Girl Guides in Haiti. And Click Here to read how Girl Guides worldwide are providing aid to Girl Guides in Haiti.

Please note that our fundraising dollars will go to contribute to this year’s World Thinking Day (WTD) Fund, where WAGGGS is focusing on five specific countries; Haiti, Georgia, Maldives, Sudan and Zimbabwe. The WTD Fund supports the work of WAGGGS globally, it is not exclusively dedicated to Haiti or disaster relief. However, part of the funding raised will go to Haiti in 2010 and specific projects agreed upon by Haiti and WAGGGS.

We feel that this way our fundraising will best support Girl Guides in Haiti.

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