Saturday, February 6, 2010

Casa Loma Craft - Chain Knot Tutorial

Everyone received this craft but not everyone had time to put it together.
The original instructions are at the end of this post.
Start by making the loop as shown here.
Now pull it all a little tighter, but still leaving a pretty big loop (1)there on the right.

Take your cord and make another small loop (2) and pull it through the big loop (1)
Now, make another loop (3) and pull it up through (2)
Now take a minute to tighten up all your loops a little bit. If you have enough cord, then make a few more loops, just like you did for (2) and (3), until you only have a little bit of cord left over.
Pull that little bit of cord through the last loop you made.
Voila! you are done!
Here is the original instruction sheet. Maybe the arrows in the pictures can help you some more.

And here is what the craft package looked like.

Thanks to all the volunteers who worked so hard at Casa Loma that day!!
And many thanks to all who organized this event.

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