Thursday, October 18, 2012

the Grandmother of Guides

Our Girl Guides love to play a game where they play in pairs and need to match body parts. :)  I'll explain further below.

The other night, it was down to 2 pairs of girls!  As they ran to match head to belly, Ashlee & Katie were slower than the other pair, so they were required to answer a Girl Guide trivia question:

Who is known as the Grandmother of Guides?

Katie's answer:  Anne

. . . . that would be Anne, our treasurer, who is Ashlee's grandmother!  :)  so we laughed a bit, and then we reworded the question:
Who is known as the Grandmother of Guiding?


that is MUCH clearer!!



This is why we love Guides!

now, more about the game:
Girls are in pairs, one at each side of the room.
Announcer calls out two body parts (eg head and belly, or ear and elbow)
The girls run towards their partner and meet in the centre of the room, and they must put the two body parts together.
The last pair to match body parts, is out and must answer a Guiding question.  They then become the announcer to call out the next two body parts.
Hope you enjoy this game!


77th Pathfinders said...

I hope after you re-worded the question that they got it right!!! Otherwise I'm going to make them study on the Ottawa trip!!! lol

77th Pathfinders said...
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