Friday, January 7, 2011

Badge Testing Night

Hello everyone!

As you know, each month we try to have a Badge Testing night and we have a wonderful dedicated Badge Tester who we appreciate very much!

Check the newsletters - or the dates on this blog - to see when the next Badge Testing is!

Hm, what badge to work on??

Oh dear! and you can't find your Guides book??

Well, the badges are on the Girl Guides of Canada website!!

Just click here and you can look through and decide which badge to earn!!


Sarah said...

I'm a Guider in Northwestern Ontario and I had a question for you. You mentioned having a badge tester for your unit. Could you explain what she does exactly? The reason I'm asking is that the Guide Unit in my community is struggling with getting the girls to work on badges and I would like some tips and pointers. Thanks, Sarah

64th Guides said...

Hi Sarah, our badge tester sits at a table at one end of the gym and meets with the girls one-on-one during the meeting and reviews how they completed the badge. :) It's a bit less intimidating than having the girls present to the whole unit. This takes place during the meeting and the girls go back to their activities after sitting with the badge tester for their evaluation.