Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Reflective Arm Bands for Cookie Sales - a tutorial

Tonight we sold cookies door to door in the neighbourhood near where we meet.

The streets are crescents and they don't have sidewalks.

Anne, our treasurer, didn't think we were visible enough.

She thought we needed reflective arm bands.

We had a few safety vests donated to us.

But there were not enough for every girl.

So, this is what we did.

First, remove all the black bias tape around the vest - and save it, because we'll need it for the arm bands. That was Friday night.

Remove the cell phone pocket too, because it's in the way. And take off the velcro, too, and save it. That was Saturday morning.

Cut the vests so there is one inch of fabric on each side of the reflective tape.
Now sew the bias tape along the long edges of all those strips.
Next, cut the long strips into 3 smaller pieces. These will be the armbands.

That took the rest of Saturday.

Finally, sew bias tape and velcro to each end of each arm band.

That was Sunday's task.

And here is the result!!!

Safety first!!!

We did learn that we could have used more velcro on one half of each arm band to make them more adjustable down to smaller sizes. A few of the girls found that theirs was too loose. We'll add some more velcro to the arm bands before the fall cookie sales night. But - take note of Patti! We decided to put hers on her leg and it fit much better! :)

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