Tuesday, April 7, 2009

"Chinese" weaving

I don't know why this is called "Chinese" weaving, but that's how it is best known.

It is a popular activity with Girl Guides!

Great for free time at camp, a simple project to take along on a long trip, ongoing craft for meeting nights, or any other time an activity is needed.

Low cost for supplies (cardboard and yarn).

Small enough to take anywhere.

Easy enough for most girls Guide aged or older (approximately age 9 and up).

And, you can use cereal boxes for the cardboard! It's the perfect thickness for this activity!

Most of us know people who are trying to reduce their yarn stash, so it's possible to find yarn for little or no cost.


Vicky said...

Hello, I'm a Guider in Cardiff and I'm sorting out doing this for my Guides this week. I just have a quick question for you - how long are the pieces of wool? It's been so long since I last did it, I can't remember...



64th Guides said...

Hello Vicky, it depends on what they will make - each piece should be several yards/meters at least, if you want to keep them busy for a little while. :)